Gingerbread bakery Dagmar Jarešová

Need an unusual birthday present?
A smart and extraordinary way to promote your company?
Some Christmas tree and table decorations?
Or you just want to make somebody feel happy?

Why don??t you ask us for help?! We offer both traditional and completely original gingerbread products. For companies, we can design gingerbread New Year??s wish cards and calling cards ?? shape and size depend on your needs.

As birthday presents, we can bake any shape you would like. We??ve already made a 3D truck, a British double.... or a guitar for a musician.

For festivals and other occasions we offer traditional gingerbread products:

  • Christmas decorations and candlesticks, Christmas cribs, Nicholas and devils, Easter eggs
  • Gingerbread hearts of any size, books with dedication
  • Gingerbread cottages, gingerbread animals

We make our gingerbread in a small family company in the town of T??n nad Vltavou, South Bohemia. And this region is where our traditional gingerbread recipe comes from; it??s been shared in the Jare?? family for three generations.

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