Gingerbread bakery Dagmar Jarešová

We offer

Traditional gingerbread
hearts, bells, cottages, Nicholas and devils, Christmas decorations, Easter eggs, animals etc.

Gingerbread New Year wish cards and calling cards for companies

Jakékoliv originální tvary jako dárky
planes, ships, bikes, bottles of Champange, music instruments, books etc.

We can also make a gingerbread art presentation for you. You’ll be allowed to try to bake and decorate gingerbread on your own. And eat it then as well.

For market organisers, we offer that we can come with a historic stand and traditionally costumed.

For orders:
Gingerbread bakery Dagmar Jarešová
Nádražní 168
375 01 Týn nad Vltavou
Tel.: +420 608824717

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