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Our gingerbread bakery is a family company indeed. It??s me who bakes and decorates the gingerbread ?? Dagmar Jare??ov??, and my husband Miroslav prepares the batter and packs the gingerbread products, and he also looks after the company management. For 17 year we??ve been attending marketplaces and folk festivals where we??ve been selling our gingerbread. After modest beginning with a home electric oven we have our own small bakery in T??n nad Vltavou now.

But that??s too far for now. I??ll tell you how the story began.

My husband??s grandma Marie Jare??ov?? from a village in South Bohemia spent her life baking and decorating gingerbread. As a housewife, in fact, she was supposed to cook and bake, but gingerbread bakery was a real passion of hers. She tried to form new shapes and pattern all the time and it was because of this that she won various gingerbread contests in 1970s and 1980s.

In the late 1980s when I could no longer remain in my profession because of health grandma started to teach me her art of gingerbread. I learned how much honey, how much anise, and how much Chinese badian I should use, how to rightly roll out puff(pasta) and how long to bake it. She showed me all her patterns, taught to make the slightest kornoutky and revealed which kind of sugar is the best for decorating. I am still grateful to her.

Having finished all this training, I went to my first marketplaces before Christmas in 1989. Surprisingly, my gingerbread sold well, later it was even better, so I decided to follow my grandma in her craft and devote my life fully to gingerbread. Since then I??ve attended the marketplaces and folk festival with the gingerbread.

As the company grew up my husband joined me. And now we work most of the time together.

Most often, you can meet us att marketplaces, town celebrations and festivals in ?esk?? Bud?jovice, P?sek, T??bor, Strakonice and other South Bohemian towns. But we often go to Plze?? and Prague, too. We have also gone to a European marketplace once ?? to Linz in Austria.

As presents our gingerbread has travelled all over the world: USA, UK, Switzerland and also China and Australia

Every year we send our gingerbread Christmas cribs to the Hvo??ďany (near Bechyn?) exhibition, throughout the year our gingerbread can be seen in the T??n nad Vltavou museum.

Apart from that our gingerbread decorates Christmas trees and Easter tables of our customer in all the Czech Republic. And, naturally, it also the Christmas tree and table at our home.

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